The NCB Alfursan Credit Card rewards you with Alfursan Reward Miles on all your purchases. You can choose between the Gold, Platinum and Titanium cards based on your spend requirements and preferred benefits and privileges.

Here are the Reward Miles you can earn with NCB Credit Cards:


NCB Alfursan Credit Card Type Miles Awarded Joining Bonus*
Gold 1 Alfursan Reward Mile
for every 5 SAR spent
1,000 Alfursan
Reward Miles
Titanium 1 Alfursan Reward Mile
for every 4 SAR spent
3,000 Alfursan
Reward Miles
Platinum 1 Alfursan Reward Mile
for every 4 SAR spent
6,000 Alfursan
Reward Miles


* Joining Bonus will be credited after the first transaction has been recorded on the credit card



You can also take advantage of rewarding shopping offers, cardholder-exclusive travel privileges and international concierge service for Platinum holders. To apply for an NCB Alfursan Credit Card, log on to or call +966 9 2000 1000.