Before Traveling Procedures

  • Your early presence at the airport makes finding seats next to your family members an easier task. In all cases, you must be present for check-in two hours before departure time for international flights, and one hour and half before departure time for domestic flights.

  • In the case where a special service or assistance is required, for example: unaccompanied minors, special travel needs, seniors, and families; you must coordinate with the Saudi Arabian Airline Staff at the airport to complete the necessary procedures to enable us to provide you with these services.

  • Ask our staff about the special counters available for special need passengers to complete the check-in procedures

  • Make sure your name and address is place securely on and inside your luggage

  • Make sure you remove all old stickers and tags from your luggage

  • For your safety, keep your baggage in your custody

  • Do not accept any baggage or parcels from any person you do not trust. By doing so, you may be placing your self and others in danger

  • Make sure that all your luggage is securely fasten