Alfursan Gold Elite Plus

Alfursan Gold Elite Plus membership is reserved for Alfursan members with exceptional loyalty, and the privileges it entitles are proof of this. In addition to enjoying superior levels of service and unmatched privileges and benefits while flying with Saudia and SkyTeam partner airlines, Alfursan Gold Elite Plus member’s are entitled to 50% Reward Miles bonus on every eligible flight, making it easier to earn even more rewards.

To qualify for Gold membership you need to earn 50,000 Status Miles or fly 40 international sectors in one calendar year. To maintain your Gold membership you will need to earn 40,000 Status Miles or fly 30 international sectors during the next calendar year.

Membership tier validity for Alfursan Silver Elite and Alfursan Gold Elite Plus is from the date you qualify through February of the 2nd year. Eg: If you qualify for Alfursan Gold Elite Plus membership in June 2013, it will be valid through February 2015.

And the validity period of the renewed Gold Elite Plus and Silver Elite membership after re-qualifying will be for 14 months, starting from January of every calendar year. E.g: if you re-qualify for Alfursan Gold Elite Plus membership for the calendar year 2014, it will be valid from January 2015 through February 2016.