Dear Passenger,

- Carry-on baggage must not exceed 9kg in first and business class and 7kg in economy class cabins. Please also ensure baggage size does not exceed that of overhead compartment capacity.
- It is forbidden to carry compressed and liquid materials in either checked-in baggage or carry-on baggage.
- Ensure labels containing your name and phone numbers are properly fixed using adhesive on the inside and outside of your baggage.
- Do not place valuables and important documents inside baggage that will be checked-in.
- Ensure that your baggage is secured by lock or key lock before you check it in.
- Identify your baggage using tag numbers and not by type and color.



Dear Passenger,


Please be informed of the following:


- To ensure a smooth check – in, should be at the airport within sufficient time before departure.


- Please retain your ticket and baggage tags until you have collected all your baggage upon arrival.


- Air carriers are not liable for fragile, perishable and valuable items such as jeweler, laptops and mobile phones, placed inside checked – in baggage.


- It is forbidden to carry any large electronic items, such as televisions, as part of baggage that you will check – in. if you have any such items kindly provide them to cargo before you travel.


- If your baggage does not arrive on the same flight, please inform Baggage Services staff immediately and before leaving the arrival lounge.


- If you find any damage to your baggage or its contents or if any contents are missing, please inform Baggage Service staff immediately and before leaving the arrival lounge.