Visually Impaired Passengers

Assistance at the departure and arrival airports from the special needs counters at our main airports in Saudi Arabia are available. In addition, a special meal for the blind is available upon request. Kindly request the special meal from your reservation officer at least 48 hours before your flight departure time.



Assistance on the flight

Safety cards, menu cards, and a monthly magazine are available in Braille.

The above items can be ordered through Saudia reservations along with the special blind meal available


Passengers may receive an individual safety briefing to ensure that they are properly advised of all safety issues. These individual briefings may include an explanation of where and when to exit the aircraft, and will include any other inquiries to illustrate the most appropriate manner in which the passenger may be assisted in.


Saudia apologizes to its special needs clients (blind passengers without escort, passengers with stretchers or wheelchairs of category (WCHC/WCHS),of not providing services on upper deck of aircraft Boeing 747. We are glad though to provide service onboard our other aircrafts.


For additional information, and in order for us to serve you better, you may contact us on the following:
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Sales Call Center: 920022222
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