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Baggage and Optional Fees

Free Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees for flights within Saudi Arabia


  • Guest Class passengers are entitled to carry one piece of luggage weighing 25 kg maximum.
  • First Class & Business Class passengers are entitled to carry two pieces of luggage, each weighing 25 kg maximum.
  • All SAUDIA ALFURSAN (Gold/Silver) members and SkyTeam (Elite Plus / Elite) members are allowed to carry one extra piece not exceeding 25 kg.


If any piece of luggage weighs more than 25 kg the passenger will be requested to redistribute the contents of the luggage in order for the total weight to fall within the limits. If the number of pieces of luggage exceeds the weight limit, the passenger will be requested to pay a fee of SAR100 for each piece over the limit. 

Similarly, if the number of pieces is over the limit but their total weight is within the limits, a SAR100 fee will be applied to each piece.


Free Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees for International flights







2 X



2 X



2 X




Middle East



Arabian Gulf




2 X






2 X



2 X

Number of pieces shown when issuing the ticket

Elite/ Elite Plus (Alfursan Silver/Gold)

+1 Extra


(For all classes)



Patient with Renal Failure**


+3 Extra 



 (For all classes)


* All 6th freedom passengers from/to USA and Canada are allowed to carry 2 pieces for all classes.


Note: checked baggage on Saudia flights departing to USA stations (New York (JFK), Washington D.C. (IAD), Los Angeles (LAX)) and Canada (Toronto (YYZ)) from (Riyadh (RUH)) must be sealed using safe wrap prior to acceptance on the flight.

** Notes:

  • The patient should provide a copy of the medical report with the hospital stamp (MEDIF 935-6493). It should be approved by Saudia explaining that the passenger is a Renal Failure patient and signed by the specialized doctor.
  • Extra baggage isn’t granted in the following cases: flights operated by other airlines, SAUDIA PRIVATE AVIATION, NEGO, and Promotional Fares.
  • The patient to ensure that all of the solutions are packed in bags or special containers preventing liquid leakage and being put in easy held containers so that customer service agents at the airport can receive the baggage & accept it.
  • In case the passenger exceeds the number of free baggage allowed, then the rest is being dealt with as excess baggage (fees are applied)


Pieces / weight on free baggage allowance:


  • When issuing an international ticket on First/Business classes, free baggage allowance should be (2PCs) and should not exceed 32 kg.
  • When issuing an international ticket on economy classes, and free baggage allowance shown in the ticket as (1PC) , this piece should not exceed 32 kg.
  • When issuing an international ticket on economy classes, and free baggage allowance shown in the ticket as (2PCs) , the piece should not exceed 23 kg. an extra $60 CAD/USD should be charged as extra allowance on checked-in bags if over 23 kg up to 32 kg.
  • Free baggage allowance for infant is 10 kg.
  • SV Gold/Silver Fursan & SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus members will be allowed to carry one extra bag with 23 kg max.



Baggage Dimensions

  • The standard dimensions for all bags from/to USA and Canada should not exceed 62 inch or 157 cm.


  • The standard dimensions for all bags to other destinations except USA and Canada should not exceed 81 inch or 205 cm.


Excess Baggage Charges


EU UK Arabian
Asia Africa Guang-
To Saudi
- $150 $150 $150 $130 $130 $130 $130 $350 150 CAD
$150 - - - $230 $230 $230 $230 $480 -
EU $130 - - - $230 $230 $230 $230 $480 -
UK $150 - - - $230 $230 $230 $230 $480 -
$130 $240 $220 $250 $190 $190 $190 $190 $440 240 CAD
$130 $240 $220 $250 $190 $190 $190 $190 $480 240 CAD
Asia $130 $240 $220 $250 $190 $190 - $190 $440 240 CAD
Africa $130 $240 $220 $250 $190 $190 $190 - $440 240 CAD
$130 $250 $220 $260 $200 $200 - $200 - 250 CAD
Canada 150 CAD - - - - - - - - -
  • Excess baggage piece should not exceed 23 kg and within the Standard Dimension.
  • An additional $60 CAD/USD will be charged if over 23 kg up to 32 kg. 
  • An additional $100 CAD/USD will be charged if the piece is over the Standard Maximum Weight 32 kg to be ($60 + $100) CAD/USD for each piece.
  • An additional $100 CAD/USD will be charged if the piece is over the Standard Dimensions.
  • All tickets issued before 1st September, 2012 with Weight Concept will be accepted as is for free allowance.
  • All fees will be collected with local currencies or its equivalent.


Pre-Paid online Excess Baggage Charges

Now you can purchase additional baggage for your trip for certain destinations through our website by using your credit card and get a discounted rate of 20%.
In case of purchasing an additional baggage, a voucher will be issued for each additional bag noting the following will apply:

  • The validity of the voucher is for one year from the date of issuance
  • Extra baggage vouchers refund, re-issuance and re-routing are not allowed.
  • In the event of no show, the guest will lose full value of the extra baggage voucher.



Zamzam water allowance:

  • Kindly be advised that Saudia accepts a complimentary one gallon package of Zamzam water from Sogia factory that doesn’t exceed 5 litres for all passengers departing from King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah only as a checked in baggage.
  • On the other hand, please be informed that the rest of passengers who will travel from other domestic airports to domestic or international airports are allowed to carry one gallon package of Zamzam water as a part of their free allowed checked-in baggage and any excess weight will be charged and collected from the normal excess baggage rates.



Unchecked Baggage (Carry-On Baggage) Allowance


> Cabin baggage

In addition to the free baggage allowance, Saudi Airlines may allow each passenger to carry hand baggage under his supervision and on free basis to be placed in closed overhead rack or under the seat in front of the passenger and cabin baggage tag should be labeled on it according to the following:



Class Of
Hand Baggage Allowance No. Of
Description Wight




One Hand/Pull bag.



Garment bag





Total Dimension

Not to Exceed:

56 X 45 X 25 (126 cm)

(22x18 x10) (50 inches)

11 cm
(4 inches) for
thickness when not folded.



9 Kgs






Plus one Briefcase




Total Dimension

Not to exceed:-

45 X 20 X 35 (100 cm)

18 X 8X 14
(40 Inches).






One Hand / Pull bag



Total Dimension

Not to Exceed

56 X 45 X 25 (126 cm)

(22 X 18 X 10) (50 Inches).


7 Kgs






  • For passengers departing from USA/Canada to Saudi Arabia only one carry-on baggage in all class of services not to exceed ( 16 pounds in weight and 45 inches in dimensions ).
  • Saudi Arabian airline retains the sole discretion to determine, for purpose of the safety, the security or the comfort of other passengers(such as food &beverages) , whether any item of the baggage will be permitted in the cabin or carried as checked baggage.
  • Check-in agent should notify the passenger connecting on SAUDIA that the free carry-on baggage may not be accepted at the connecting stations due to variation of aircraft types and in-sufficiency of over head racks.



> Free Carry-On Items

Items carried free of charge in passenger’s custody and under his responsibility without a carry-on baggage tag affixed to it are the following:



Passenger Category Description Of Items Carried Free Quantity



All Passengers

An Overcoat or Wrap. 1
An Umbrella or a pair of Crutches. 1
A pair of binoculars.


Electronic devices*


A small camera.


Ladies hand bag, pocket book or purse for the ordinary use only otherwise will be considered as checked baggage.


A reasonable supply of reading material for the flight.




Infants food for consumption in-flight . -
An infant carrying basket.


A fully collapsible baby trolley carriage or seat which could be stowed in the cabin or in the lower cargo compartments.




A fully collapsible wheel chair or any other device necessary for the passenger or can be loaded in passenger cabin or cargo compartment (aircraft holds).


Other walking aids items. 1


* Notes:

  • For security purposes all carry-on baggage will be checked by security officers for flights arriving and departing to/from USA and UK including all electronic devices (as Smart phones, Cameras, Laptops, I pads, smart watches ...etc.) Passengers will be asked to power up their devices at airport security. Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft or confiscated.
  • For all passengers who are traveling to/from USA and UK, it is necessary to charge their devices to avoid being banned by the airport security from carrying their baggage or electronic devices onboard the aircraft. 
  • Also, that Saudia doesn’t provide lockers for those devises and isn’t responsible in case of loss.



Excess Baggage with Conditions or Limitations

In the case where the passenger needs to carry luggage weighing more than 32 kg, and can not be separated into pieces (such as musical instruments / sports tools / medical equipment ... etc.), the passenger must notify Saudi Arabian Airlines in advance to take the necessary arrangements for the luggage to be transferred.


The Banned Carriage of Substances among the Luggage

For safety reasons Saudi Arabian Airlines prohibits carrying hazardous materials on its flights such as:

  • Firearms, ammunition, swords, and knives.
  • Explosives, incendiary materials, flammable, toxic substances, and compressed gases.

> For flights departing from or to the United States of America, Canada, and the European Union countries, there are additional security measures prohibiting the carriage of certain materials within the hand luggage in accordance with the following:

  • All liquid materials, gels, toothpaste, liquid cosmetics, and perfumes.
  • Cigarette lighters in both hand baggage and inspected luggage.

> In accordance with instructions received from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the following items are not allowed absolutely in checked-in baggage, otherwise the checked-in baggage will be liable and held for search and remove the items by the airport security:

a) Prohibited items in checked-in baggage, such as :

      • Lighters/ Lithium battery/Flammable Items.
      • Mobiles , Notebook, Backup power, Power pack, Power case , Radio-controlled toy ,or any Rechargeable Items, Nail Polish , Mouse etc).

b) Allowable items in carry-on baggage, such as:

      • Mobiles , Notebook, Backup power, Power pack, Power case , Radio-controlled toy and Nail polish etc.
      • The items are allowed in hand carry bags with maximum of 2 pieces only.

c) Prohibited items in checked-in & carry on baggage, such as :

      • Flammable items , e.g. lighter, Match, compressed gas etc.
      • Detonators, electrical sticks and similar articles.


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